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    autoreblog: for brilliant and aesthetically pleasing storage in the bathroom! I really desperately need storage for my...
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    Yes! Definitely need this! I finally found sufficient shoe storage in a shoe rack hanging on the back of my closet door,...
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    Ahh I need this for my shoes/handbags. But it would need to be bigger.
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    I agree; love it, love the ladder, hate that it’s in a bathroom. I want a Sleeping Beauty library style shoe closet one...
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    I spy a Goyard… love everything about this except for the fact that this is in a bathroom :T
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    Do want! Upon seeing this, though, do people think - how do these belongings stay in good condition with all of the...
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    I love this.
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    Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » sneak peek: office
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    reason why i’ll always be in love with IKEA. i want a fucking ladder in my house. by my bookcases. yes.
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    (via yellowdoor) Stuff-organization orgasm.
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    I NEED to have a closet like this.
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